Business English


Course Description

Business English is necessary for those who are already work in the business sphere or just plan to start. Experienced business owners can increase their level of language proficiency, too.
Business English is used to communicate with foreign partners and colleagues, in business correspondence, telephone conversations, communication with customers, etc.

Our training program is divided into several levels and thematic sections, depending on the business sector. Live communication and role-playing help to use the language freely and fluently. It is also important to develop speech skills, such as participating in meetings, writing business letters, creating presentations, etc. Business English includes study of the so called cross-cultural communication. It is important for those who wish communicate with foreign colleagues and partners.

After this course you will

Expand your vocabulary and knowledge of business English
Increase your level of understanding of English by ear
Learn conduct business correspondence and negotiations in the English language
Improve your business communication skills
Get an idea of how foreign companies work.

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